My first YouTube video: having fun with ChatGPT and DeepFakes

Eduard Ruzga
2 min readOct 27, 2023
ChatGPT + InsightFace + little bit of

Last weekend I had loads of fun playing with ChatGPT.

OpenAI recently released

  • Vision that allows to analyse images and speak about them
  • Dall-E 3 integration that allows to generate images in conversational form

I had loads of fun on a weekend making infographis with my face

Workflow looked like this:

  1. I take a selfie and add it to the ChatGPT Vision chat
  2. I ask ChatGPT to ‘describe me person in a photo with great detail, so that painter can use it later to paint that person exactly’
  3. Start new chat with Dall-E 3 and paste that description there to create portraits in various styles. They will look similar but not exactly like you.
  4. Paste in information from blog posts, LinkedIn, home pages about myself and ask to produce designs of home pages, infographics or resumes with person face and his interests around him.
  5. Then use InsightFace discord bot to deepfake swap face on generated designs with one you made on first step
  6. Do it multiple times until you find good vairant ;)

My first YouTube video

Afterwards I did a quick presentation about it at work

And decided to convert it to a YouTube video. Result is below.

Couple of my favourite results



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